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If you thinking about browser , which is faster with more features then among all the the famous browsers google is one of them.So if you like google chrome browser as your web browser , you may like this post.

You need active internet connection to download, if you want a setup to be ready it is not possible, at least for now. Those who likes to travel here and there and have interesting for using google chrome, here is the portable version of the google chrome setup,so that you can use it in any where in any operating system without downloading the setup file.

Google chrome portable version is really very easy to use and user friendly. You can work with it even if it is in your flash drive/pen drive. Google chrome browser store passwords and all nessesary website data in a way that they are encrypted in a way tied to current PC. While passwords are not kept or left behind on the PC it self, They won't retrievable when move to a new PC.If you like to have this feature, you need to use a advanced option for that.
The google chrome portable installation is very easy, you can setup it in your PC you are using or else in the flash or pen drive. This portable google chrome browser will going to work with any operating system you use.

To download the google chrome portable version please follow the following link:
Google Chrome Portable Download Link

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