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Torrent Finder Toolbar is a torrent search toolbar for Firefox it is free and you can easily add this add-on to your firefox, you can search 180 top torrent sites and trackers from your Firefox browser.This is very fast and easy way to search torrent files. This add-on will add a tool bar where you will just have to enter the name of the torrent file you would like to search for. Just like the address bar give the name and go.

To Install this add-on to your firefox browser follow steps below:
1. Go to the download link bellow OR click here
2. Now you will see Add To Firefox button click it.

3. Wait few seconds so that till the downloading process finish.
4.Now wait 4 5 seconds and click Install Now.

5.Wait a few seconds and you will asked for restarting your computer.Click Restart Now and done your add-on successfully install in your pc.

Click Here To Download Torrent Finder Toolbar Add-on

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