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The new Iphone 5 phototype and video preview. Like everyone is very excited about the iphone 5 and how it looks.Still we are not sure about it as the photos have been collected from the rumors and credible hints and main theme is that they look simple great and everyone liked them.The design is great and the size is only 6.86 MM thick at the top and only 5.33 mm at the bottom, and it is a bit wider than iPhone 4 59.94mm vs 58.6 , 4 inch display touch screen.

Also the middle round button of the front of the phone has been changed to an oval shaped capcitive one.

There is actually no one who can say the new iphone will look anything like this one till now expect the iphone manufacturers. We all know that, it might be just an improved version of the old iPhone 4, but it is as good a guess as any, and we certainly would not mind if Apple designers had taken the device design similar to this direction.

You can check the video below which is in german language with english subtitiles for a walk though of the phototype.

You can also view the few more images below if you like :

So how do you like it and how do you feel about it ? do you think iphone 5 will look like it ? share your opinions though comment box.

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