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Facebook has recently updated its news feeds. This new update brings Facebook layout with lot of changes.
So now the question is what is with the new news feeds updates ? now the news feeds turns into stories. Now all your news feeds will be shown like stories in home page. Also there have been a change to album and photo preview as they become large size so that you can enjoy them in the news feeds or you can say it story updates.

Now if you are away from Facebook for a long while you will get all the top photos and status updates posted and they will be marked with an easy-to-spot blue corner.

Now there is a new button in the news feeds with every single stories of your friends. You can see it a new menu.Where you can unmark the story from the top story, hide the story, report the story, subscribe to the story, subscribe with the person for all his updates or only important updates or most updates , you can also unsubscribe with that person photo and albums so all his photo and album updates you will not see in your stories updates. Also if you unsubscribe with your friend you work see any of his updates in your home stories.

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