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Shutting down PC automatically is a very important issue as it will help many of us save energy.I never shut down my PC and my PC always powered on most of the time.(sometimes during the night as well) and automatically shutting it down is a great idea to save my computer , save enegry, and computer process as well.It has also another great advantage which is whenever we turn the computer ON it keeps it processes running so our hardware is still in use so it will be hot all the time and give your computer no rest will cause computer slowing down. So here goes the solution :
  • First, you need to open up the “Task Scheduler” in Windows. In Windows 7, you can click start, type “Task scheduler” into the search box, and hit enter. The task scheduler will pop up in a new window.

  • Now, click the “Create basic task” link on the right side of the Task Scheduler window. A new window will pop up. Give the new task a name and click next (I will name it "Shut Down" but you can give it as you like). 

  • At this point, you will be asked when you want the task the start. You need to choose daily since we are setting this task to run every night (You can choose the most relevant option in your case).
  • On the next screen, choose a time for your task. I choose 1 am since I know I will be in bed by then for sure.

  • Now, click the “Start a Program” checkbox and click next.
  • On the next screen, type “shutdown” in the “program” box. At the arguments field type in “–s –f –t 0”. See the screenshot above for clarification.
  • Now, click the next button and click finish. At this point, your computer will be all setup to shut down every night at the time you specified.

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