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I have seen many people face Facebook login problems. It can be because of many reasons. Facebook is one of the largest social network so due to security and server problems the login problems occurs some times.

Top 10 reasons why you face facebook login problems.

1. Forget email address
2. Forget password.
3. Invalid email address.
4. Invalid password.
5. Facebook is blocked.
6. Browser issues.
7. Facebook account disabled.
9. SSL problems.
10. Computer time issue.

So, lets talk about all the issues :

1. Forget email address :
We all use different email address. As email address are free we open different emails and use them. I will strongly suggest you that to you a single or not more then 5 email address so that you can at least remember each of them.

2. Forget Password :
You may have forgotten your login details. Its always advisable to use a unique password and strong which other can not guess and you will not forget. For every online service you should have strong and unique password. Using a password manager can help you with the issue.You can use the below Password managers : Lastpass , Roboform , Keepass , Google Chrome Sync  , 1Password

3. Invalid email address :
Always try to check the email you have entered in the login form is current or not. Sometimes we miss a single word or use capital and small letters and forget to give _ and numbers might not be current. So it is really important to remember the email address so take a deep breathe and try to remember.

4. Invalid password :
We use different types of password with capital letters small letters numbers and others. So, if you are having trouble with invalid password first of all i would suggest you to remember it type in notepad then paste it.

5. Facebook is blocked :
Sometimes your ISP server might block facebook. In this case if that really occurs you won't able to see the home page or login page of Facebook.

You can install the HTTPS Everywhere extension on firefox or Facebook Secure Connection for Google Chrome. Also bookmark in your Google Chrome after you have installed HTTPS Everywhere extension. You can also try to enter Facebook via web proxy sites or using any proxy tool.

6. Browser Issues :
Sometimes your Facebook might not work due to browser issues. First of all i would suggest you to check either your cookies are enable in your browser or not. Check the sites which have been blocked by your browser. Clean your browser cookies and and other files on your browser cache. You can use an operating system cleaning utility such as CCleaner lets you clean your browser easily.

7. Facebook account is disabled :
Sometimes if you trying to loggin from an unfamilliar location or if you have just arrived at a different country , you may get a message like this , facebook usually disables your account thinking that you are a hacker and hacked the account as you are trying to access it from different country. You will just have to enter the social questions asked to get your account back. Send them email to : . or you can see

8. Browser SSL problem :
Sometimes you might have face this as i have faced while i was using a mobile browser to connect to facebook. As some browser do not support https:// so you will not able to enter Facebook. Try to upgrade your browser. And check either your browser supports SSL or not.

9. Computer time issue :
This happens often, due to tmos battery is broken in your computer or laptop your time might not be up to date. Check your time is it up to date or not i mean current date and time. If you use crack patches it occurs too. So if you use any crack or patch always check your computer time.

10 Other issues :
Important Facebook Login Tips
  1. Do not use the link to login your Facebook Account, always enter the URL directly in your web browser.
  2. Always check the URL in address bar before entering your login information.
  3. Select a secure password with at least eight digits and a number.
  4. Do not share your username or password with anyone.
  5. Change your password the second you suspect the account could be compromised.
If you are still facing a problem, I’d suggest you visit the Facebook Help Center for more help.

If you have any more issues with Facebook login please feel free to share in comment box.

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