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Google Plus : Social network of Google search engine. It is really unexpected that inside a social network made by a social network did not have the option to search for other peoples. But there is a option where you can search for people just similar to Facebook users search. Just start typing and the people will be suggested instantly. Right now it will only work with the name and email address you will enter. What about the people who are inside Google Plus ?

Do you want to know some people ? know about people who using Google plus ? make some random friends inside Google plus ? Would you like to find friends based on what they are saying on Google Plus? 
So the deal goes here how to do it

Use of Google search engine advanced operator :

while there is no way o restrict Google search results to only updates posted on Google Plus, there is a combination of advanced operators to make it work:

  • – this will limit the google search results to google plus subdomain
  • inurl:posts/* – to limit search results to users’ updates (and to prevent it from searching for user bios, usernames, etc).
Now just add your search term:

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