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Facebook has lot of search options. Using different types of user information you can search for a person in facebook. The basic searches are - Name , Email ID , Phone number. But if you do not know the person email or phone number it will be so difficult to search someone if he is not in your mutual friends and a lot of users will be in search results and you will definitely get confused. So now the question is how you will suppose to search someone by different types of information.

Lets see he or she is your classmate so it will be easy to find her out.

Option 1: Go to your Facebook home page and and in the search box type the name of your friend for example i enter Tanjil and institution name is North South University. Now you will able to see all the people with the similar name with the institution only.Just add the name of the user and network they are in so you will find them out.Look in the picture below :

Option 2: You can also search people in facebook via their locations places pages they have liked and all other information they have. All you have to do is put name in the search field and after the name put the location or area name and you will have a search results. look below :
Option 3: You can simply go to facebook search option so if you still can't find that specific person. First of all if you would like to go to the search page enter the name of the person you would like to search. For example : rika enter the name and press search. now a new window will come with few option left side menu. Now you will see in the lift side menu a people tab click on it. So only people will be visible in your search results. Now still you can't find the person then. Enter the Location or workspace or university where that person is studying. If you know all that information just add another filter and add three of the information just like below :
These are the basic search options of Facebook. Soon we will add more tips about Facebook and Facebook search. Stay with us. Join our Facebook fan page to get all latest updates. You can also subscribe us via email or simply follow us using twitter.

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