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I guess there are lot of fans who use google chrome regularly as their favorite browser. If you are one of them then i guess you must want to have Greasemonkey scripts in your Google Chrome browser but you do not know how to run or install them in your browser. You can simply use the Greasemonkey script in your Chrome browser by following some few steps we have listed  below :

Step 1: Install a recent trunk build of Chromium – Basically now there are lot of updates of the chromium so i will recommend you to get the latest version.

Step 2: Launch chrome.exe with the --enable-greasemonkey flag – Create a shortcut to the new file and just copy/paste “--enable-greasemonkey ” after the shortcut.

Step 3: Copy *.user.js files to the c:\scripts directory on your computer – has all the Greasemonkey extensions out there. Click Install, right click and “Save as…”, edit the file name so it’s not just “26062.user.js” and save in the C:\scripts\ folder on your computer (you most likely have to create this folder).

Step 4: Script edits are picked up automatically; just refresh the page to see the changes.

Now you have Greasemoney in your Google Chrome now use it install all the Greasemonkey kool script in your browser. If you have any problem or suggestion please feel free to share us via below comment.

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