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Last Good Configuration for windows xp , vista , windows 7 , 2000 , 2003 , windows NT
Sometimes you may be face some computer problems and due to that your computer will keep restarting it self after the boot screen. But if you use the Last Known Good Configuration then you can go back to the old good settings your computer had. For example you have a nice configure 2 hours ago so if you click Last Known Good Configuration your computer will back to the old 2 hours configuration. But keep in mind when you do so then your recent activities will be deleted from your computer. That means the works you have done in the last two works will not be in the system anymore.When a computer actually boots up properly it then creates a copy of the computer hardware configuration from the system registry. When the computer experiences a problem , the system recalls these settings and loads them so as to continue booting system properly. You can use this feature in Windows NT 4.0 , WIndows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

So what is actually Last know Good Configuration do so that my computer boots up properly ? actually it creates a system registry every time your computer boots up properly. So last time you have started your machine and it boots up properly that will be your system after doing last know good configuration.

To boot your computer using the Last Known Good Configuration , here are the steps you can follow :

1. Boot your computer.
2. If you have two operating system or other operating system installed in the same computer , then you will be asked with a message please select the operating system to star , use your arrow keys to choose WinXP or the windows which not loading up properly and then press Enter button.
3. Once you see the BIOS , click on F8 Button from your keyboard.
4. You will then see the Windows Advanced Options. Choose your arrow keys to highlight Last Known Good Configuration.
5. Now press the Enter key once again.

Sometimes, people faces problem that they can not reach to the Windows Advanced Options so if you are facing the same problem just when you restart your computer from the starting press the F8 Button from your keyboard repeatedly. Do not hold the F8 while booting because it usually gives a stuck message and not allow you to computer to boot properly. So only press it repeatedly.

Please remember the last known good configuration uses the information which was stored when you last shut down the computer. It an only work if you successfully start your computer even in safemode and shut it down properly. Also, Last known good configuration can only recover from the problem caused by newly installed drivers. it does not delete anything on the computer but you may have to reinstall recently installed programs.It can not current any issues which are caused by corrupted or missing drivers. It enables you to continue troubleshooting the rest of your computer problems and does not automatically fix anything.

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