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Microsoft has released the 1st development preview of the new Windows 8. Some of the users of mac have been downloading it to run in virtualiztion software such as Parallel and VMWare Fusion. You can also install the new Windows 8 preview on Boot Camp, this tool is build in to Mac OS X that will allow you to dual-boot your Mac into any other operating systems.

Some system requirement is needed to install the new Windows 8 preview in mac via boot camp. The follow requirements are :
Minimum requirements : 2 GB RAM
                                     20 GB free hard drive space
                                     Disc Burned using ISO of the Windows 8 Preview.
                                     Hard Drive Backup.
                                    You can download the Windows 8 preview from here and also a burning
program                        for  mac Toast.

How to Install Windows 8 preview in mac ?
We are going to explain it step by step. Please follow the instruction :
First Step : Open the Boot Camp Assistant in mac,Go to Application > Utilities > boot Camp. At the starting of the program you will see details about Boot Camp and warning about back up hard drive.

Second Step: Click Continue , you will get a new message asking Download the Windows support software for this Mac or I have already downloaded the Windows support software for this Mac to a CD, DVD, or external disk .Select the second option CD, DVD. Because you are not going to install the support software as it will not work with Windows 8 preview. So , next step click Continue once again.
Third step : Choose the Windows partition on your hard drive. That means how much space you would like to give for the new operating system drive. A boot Camp operating system must have to be installed on a partition of your internal drive. you can not use it on an external drive. Please create a partition at least 25 GB in size. So there will be enough space for the Windows 8 preview OS and anything extra that might end up there for example : files , applications , games and others. So now click Partition.

Forth Step : Now the partition is completed. Lets go to the next step will be installing the new Windows 8 preview. Please remember , you need a Windows 8 preview burned into a disc in order to install it. Now incert the Windows 8 preview burned disc into your CD or DVD drive and Boot Camp should detect the disc so that you should continue installing. Click start Installation. Now your computer will restart and boot boot from the windows 8 preview burned disc.

Fifth Step : Just follow the installing process. In the installation process when you will asked for where you would like to install Windows 8 preview , Select Disk o Partition 3 Boot Camp and click Drive options(Advanced). Now select Format from the advanced options that appear to format the partition to NTFS.

Sixth Step : Follow the installation process. After the setup is completed , your mac will restart into the new Windows 8.

As we have said before that Boot Camp support software for Windows will not work with the Windows 8 developer preview, So you will not able to install Boot Camp tools in Windows 8. So, if you like to go back into your OS X partition , you will need to restart your Mac with the Option key on the keyboard held down. Then a list will come with all the available startup drives, from there you will able to select your main partition where you will find your Mac OS X.

Please keep in mind this is only developer preview version of the new Microsoft Windows 8. So , it is just essentially alpha software , So some features and function could go very wrong while using it. Apple suggests when using developer previews of OS X, you might not want to install Windows 8 on your main computer , and make sure to back up before you do any kind of installation of the new Windows developer version.

I hope this will help you to install the new Windows 8 preview version.

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