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I Apple people love to use Safari browser as that is build in Mac OS. So, if you are fan of Safari user you may like to run Greasemonkey scripts in your browser. So, now the question is is that possible ? i would say yes. By using only two free software you will able to run most of the Greasemonkey scripts in your safari browser. So we are going to instruct you step by step how to use Greasemonkey in safari.

1st Step: download SIMBL and install it (installation consists of clicking ‘next’ a bunch of times remember to use your safari browser not by any other browser).
2nd Step: Exit Safari if you’re using it.
3rd Step: download GreaseKit To install it, drag the GreaseKit.bundle file to ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins. Please remember: if you don’t have a SIMBL/Plugins/ folder, just create it, then drop GreaseKit.bundle into it.

4th Step: Now re-open Safari. You will see a GreaseKit entry in the Safari menu bar.
5th Step: Now go to and find a Greasemonkey script to try out. Again, I will  recommend Folders4Gmail. When you find one you want to install, click the Install this script button.
6th Step:Now you will able to see a brunch of javascript fill up your browser window, and a Safari dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the installation. Now press/click Install
7th Step:Your GreaseKit menu will now include the installed script. By this way you can also use all the other scripts using the same method.

Check to make sure the script works in Safari by actually using it. In this case, I installed Folders4Gmail, and it works exactly as it should. Note: I installed 5 random Greasemonkey scripts using GreaseKit and all of them worked perfectly – if you find one that doesn’t, please feel free to leave a comment here and i will try to help you with it. If you like this post please click the below like button and Be A Fan of our facebook page from our above link.

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