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Facebook has recently changed its layout and news feed style as a story teller. Now only the top stories will be on the top of your facebook. Most of the people do no like this new layout or news feed so lot of complains has made to change and get back to the old one. But some people have liked it as well and most of the people actually don't have any problem with it. But officially there is not way that you can get back your old facebook layout and news feed but by using some script in your google chrome browser or Mozilla firefox you can easily get back your old facebook layouts and news feeds.

You need to have Greasemonkey in your browser as Most of the solutions are accomplished using Greasemonkey scripts. Firefox and Google Chrome support the user scripts out of the box, You can download from the following links:

For Mozilla Firefox Click Here

For Google Chrome Click Here

For Safari Browser Click Here

For Internet Explorer Click Here Or Another Link

For Opera Browser Click Here
Remember : Opera has build in scripts. So you do not need to install any Greasemoney just follow the instructions and directly install the scripts.

So, Lets go for the solutions that we currently have for facebook old layout and news feed style. I can not say it will be 100% as like before but yes i can say that it will be 95% as like before and you won't have any difficulties to use them.

UnFu*k Facebook – You can download this script. This one is good.As you have seen the screenshot i took the photo after using that script so my facebook look like the old one now after using this script. Download script here.

Undo Facebook – Another userscript which is similar to the earlier one, Undo Facebook will clean up your Facebook profile page and display a much more simpler and cleaner version of the layout. Download script here.

Better Facebook – Cleans up Facebook and removes the right hand side navigation, ads and more. Try out any of the three scripts and choose the one you like. Download script here.

Facebook Old Navbar – This userscript rearranges the top Nav bar or menu bar as you say it and it will bring some semblance to the old  design. It can be used in conjunction with any of the userscripts above. Download script here.

Replace Profile with Name – Removes the Profile link and replaces it with your name as it was in the older Facebook layout. Download script here.

Please remember all those scripts will only work in the browser that you have installed. If you use different browsers or different computers those scripts will not work and your layout will be same as before. Only the computer and browser which have these scripts, that can give you the old facebook layout or news feed.

If you have any other similar userscripts which will be good for the changes please feel free to share them in our comment.

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