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How to disable facebook ticker right side news feed bar ?
Facebook ticker the new news feeds slide bar function in facebook. Many users have Facebook are not really happy with this new function added by facebook. The real-time activity updates of friends or ticker updates , appear at the right side column just right above the chat section of Facebook.When your friends updates anything like any page or comment and your pages updates you will be notify in the ticker slide bar so that you will be notified each of the updates of your friends.On the other hand if you like any comment it will also goes to the ticker updates of your friends , it is just like the old news feeds so that your friends will know what you are doing right now.its really destructive for both of your privacy right and also two news feeds seems looks so uncool.

But there is no system so that you will able to disable or remove the ticker, so there is a Google Chrome extension released by tweaks which will simply remove or you can say hide the right column bar on your Facebook home page. if you are the one , really pissed off with the new function ticker and really want to disable it then simply follow the following instruction :

How to hide Facebook Ticker Side bar :
Step 1 : Click on the settings button on the bottom left corner.
Step 2 : Then click hide sidebar.

How to remove or disable Facebook ticker ?
TO disable or remove the Ticker Facebook located above the chat box. You need Google Chrome browser to tweak your main Facebook page.

Just open your Google Chrome,

Install facebook news ticker remove extension click here.

Just add this extension to Google Chrome extensions and simply remove Facebook right column.

Or you can use other methods :

Option 1 block Facebook Ticker for google chrome and firefox

  • It will work in firefox and google chrome
  • Install “AdBlock Plus” add-on for Firefox and Chrome
  • Now prefer Adblock Plus now and click on “Add Filter”.
  • To remove the new “Facebook Ticker” paste: # # DIV [class = "homeFixedTicker"] and to eliminate “the Facebook application Ticker” Add to: DIV # # [class = "fixedAux"] and click OK
Option 2 to block Facebook Ticker

Option 3 Firefox user need to install Better Facebook add-on to perform this task. But you have to add a little code to it.
/* Hide the live ticker */
 .ticker_stream { display:none !important; }

Please let us know if you face any problem or bugs with this extension. Tell us how do you feel after removing it.

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