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Facebook recently added a new function for its users which called subscription. People will able to subscribe to all the public updates either by their friends or even the people who are not even in their friend list. If someone add you then your public updates will automatically posted in his news feeds as that person automatically subscribed you while adding. This is very similar to twitter following. If you follow someone his public updates will be posted in your news feeds and if someone subscribed to you your public updates will be posted to his news feeds.

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Now as for privacy reasons not everyone would like to use this new facebook subscribe features. So we are going to show how to disable the subscription so that no one will able to subscribe you and see your updates.

follow the following steps :
New Updated In 3 Easy Steps Stop Public to Follow you on facebook - Disable Facebook followers

1. Go to your profile page. Below your profile picture left side of your profile you will see a menu where you will find a button "Subscribers" click on it.

2.After you clicked subscribers you will see a new page showing your subscribers and in the right side click on "Edit Settings" button as shown above in the image.

3.Now you can see a new popup window with subscribers comments and notification options.

4.Now select "Subscribers" to be turn "Off" so that no one will able to subscribe your public updates. If you just want to turn off "Comments" then select turn "Off" then if you would to turn off notifications then select the option as "No One" by default it will be "friends of friends" as shown in above image. Now press ok and you are done.

Option 2: Now you can also unsubscribe your friends from home page or news feeds. Follow the step above :
Go to your facebook homepage. Find out the friend you would like to unsubscribe now find the down arrow button and press press it a new menu will popup click unsubscribe from that person and you are done.Look below:

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