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Facebook has lot of applications. So, frequently we get invites from those applications from our friends. If you get too much invitations from any applications or games you can follow the above simple steps to block them from your Facebook so that you won't get any more invites from that apps or game.

Step 1: First of all lets find out the application name or it could be a game as well.So now from your home page you can check the applications invites from the left menu Apps. Look below :
Step 2 : Now lets find the apps and click copy the name. For Example : i will block the facebook apps Texas HoldEm Poker apps. So i clicked game requests find the name Texas HoldEm Pocker and copied the name as well. Look at below :

Step 3: So now i have the name. I have copied the name as i do not have the name from my notifications. If you have the name from your notifications or home page or anywhere else you just need to copy the name that's all. So now we have the name of the application. Lets search it from the search box. So i have search the name Texas HoldEm Poker using my Facebook search box and i got a result like below :

 Step 4: Now if it is a apps then you can see a button in the left side called view app. Using that button view the apps page. Now you have the apps home page as like below image :
Step 5: If its needed scroll down the page a little bit. You will find a menu with lot of options. From there you will find a link called block applicaion click on it.See the image below :
Step 6: Now click OK and you are done. The application is blocked. Now you will not get any kind of notifications or requests from this apps anymore.

Next we will explain how you can block someone's apps requests.
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