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Facebook is the largest social network with more then 800 million active users.1 person of every 13 people of this world have account in facebook. Yes you can say it is the largest media of the world to advertise anything. May be you are interested to popular your self in facebook. So, here goes some simple tips to become popular in facebook :

1. Adding friends 
First of all yes i will suggest you to add large number of friends. But before adding friends you need to know some basic information about facebook privacy policy so that you won't get banned. If you send massive friend request your account will be disable as facebook privacy policy. So always try to add people you know. If the person know you then he or she will add you. Before adding massive female users try to add few male as well. As your request grow larger you won't get banned as most of the male ID's will accept your friend request. Check out mutual friends , as when someone see a mutual friend he or she might get interested to add you. Do not add massive unknown people as they might not add you at all. Try to make a balance while trying to add 50% male 50% female by this way your account will not get disable and your friendlist will be higher as well as you will able to send more request in further.

2.Joining groups
Facebook has lot of groups and all groups have members as well. Join the facebook groups talk with people reply to their comments like their posts by this way you become a part of the community as well as you become popular. Then when you become kind of popular add active members of the group as they already know you.

3.Playing multi player live games
This is a very good way to add few people in your friend list. Go play the games you will see there will be a live chat option with your unknown opponent. Simply, just randomly choose games , games will choose you randomly to play with someone, play the game and enjoy and chat with the person , make a good conversation then offer that person to add you as a friend in facebook.

4.Sending message
Before adding a person in facebook you should send a message. A message contain a good type of conversation so that the person get interested to talk with you and add you as a friend. Remember always be active reply back to the message and always send message which will contain a question so that the person need to reply it.

5.Fan pages and likes
You can join large number of fan pages. Facebook do not have any restriction not to join fan pages. After joining the fan pages send comments likes post in with the active members. Remember : school , collages , universities those fan pages are very popular and users are always active there as that page is a part of their life's. So, ask question about the fan page ask question about the institution , ask how they feel about it. When you get reply back by other people talk to them and then simply add them.

These are the basic simple 5 steps that you can add friends. There are lot more ways but these 5 are the important once's. Now you have large number of friends in your friend list but that doesn't make you popular. Popular means when you post comment or like something people will be interested on that just like a celebrity.

so how to become celebrity in facebook
1. Comments , likes , share , tags
first imporant part is comments. People love to reply back to comments. The more you comment on other post and shares you become closer to that person so that person will comment you back as well. Start giving like to everyone posts shares and other activities. So that you will be in that person notification and that person will remember your name so he will like back to you as well. Share stories poetry pictures and most important part is funny things like funny pictures , jokes with other people and tag them in that post. So the more people got tagged they will comment you back. So, you will be keep in touch with them.

2.Chat with people
Do chat with people. Become good friends in the chat. Chat with everyone be social know them very well always keep in touch in that way they will remember you and see your activities as well and you will become popular.

3.Open groups, fan pages and others
Open groups regularly make posts in groups but remember something very interesting as well as it has to have something so that people will comment about. People do not like to comment on things which are common people always search for good topics. So share good ideas views and others in groups or fan pages and share free staffs this way your group will be popular and it is by your name you become popular too. Remember to open a group or fan pages with recent things , celebrity talks, fasion , tips etc which people like most.

4.Facebook status
Do not update your status every 5 minutes. Do not just post random things. Always try to be something special and post something which other wants to know. For example : what is happening to the world ? where is the best place for traveling ? so most important part you are asking for opinion from the others though your status. Yes people love to give opinion , views , thoughts though comments. So always post something which will ask people something to share.

5.Be social in real world
The more real friends you have , the more comments you will get, for example if you have 20 people you know in reality will give comments to your regular activities. As facebook turns into a newspaper so that 20 people likes your activity so that share will be on the top story of everyone page. So by this way you become popular and people will comment as well as it becomes a popular story and in the top of the page.

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