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Facebook has recently added People who inspire you tab in the philosophy. Now you can add all your favorite person whom you are inspired too. Like for example you like Jhonny deep so now you will able to add him as your inspiration. You can also add all the other people as much as you like just like the other tab.

If you like to add some people you are inspired too follow the steps below :
Step 1: Go to your profile page and click the info tab left side under your profile picture. See the below image :
Step 2: After you click the info tab from the left side menu under your profile picture. You will able to see a Edit Profile button click on it. Now you will see a another page containing a menu bar and basic information.Now from the left side menu bar click Philosophy tab.
Step 4: After you click the philosophy button a new window will come with information from their you will able to add your favorite people whom you are inspired too.After you have added the people just click Save Changes and you are done.

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