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You can easily add or change Google search engine background with your favorite image. Google has recently added a new down bar in Google search engine. From this bar you will able to change the background of Google page, you go to your region search , you can see business solutions , advertising programs , about Google , privacy. So , do you like to give your your favorite search engine a new look with your favorite image then follow the next steps below :

Step 1: Click "Change Background Image" from the down menu bar. See the below image:
Step 2: Now select your image from "Public Gallery" or "From your computer" or "Your Pisaca Web Album" or "your recent picks" so if you like to upload from your computer just upload it like the upload process. I will show you how to do it using public gallery now select the image you like as your background from the Public Gallery and Press select. See Below Image:
Step 3: Now wait a few seconds so that the background will change you can see a loading bar just like below image:
Now you have successfully added the new Google background and now you will see that the Google background has been changed just like the below image:

So Do you like the new change of Google the new bar and Google background ? let us know what do you think though comments.

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