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Google has launched its own social network called Google plus. Google plus has lot of features and
function rather then other other social network and it is really fast as i have experienced by my self.
But as it is with some new features and function and new way of socializing for new users it takes time
to download.

So are you a new user of Google plus social network ? as you can call your self noob. If it is , then i have some
great tips to help you out how to use Google plus social network.

From quicker sharing options to better content correction via privacy settings, i will give you 10 tips that will soon have you Google plussing like a pro

So , take a look though the images and i have describe below the images. Please feel free to share comments in Google+ tips if we didn't mentioned. You suggestion could be featured in forthcoming Tipsglobe post.

1. Adding more info to your profile Pop-up window

They do care to hover over your avatar, then you are a thumbnail with new words of description, likely your company name profession or location and others.

There is a simple "hack" that can make Google+ display much more info while someone hovers over your avatar it is similar to the appearance of Twitter.

Go to edit your profile, select the employment section, and in the first "Employer name" box, write your bio and check the "current" box. Whatever you have written should now appear when people hover over your avatar or you can call it profile picture thumbnail as in the screen grab above.

2. Organizing Content With Circles
Circles are a useful feature or tool for organization of content.Thanks to the fact you can create empty circles, there is a variety of organizational options open to you.

as Google plus currently has no way of bookmarking content (+1 a post does diddly squat, other then giving the poster a thumbs up), Plusses have devised workarounds.

You can create empty circles to "share" under different headings. Create a notepad. Make "bookmarks" for links you want to check out when you have more time, "read later" for longer posts and articles, and even "test" if, like us, you want to muck around on the service without annoying your followers.

Once you have set this up and shared content to your various empty circles, viewing that circle stream will bring up all the plus bits you wanted to save.

3.Click on Profile pictures To Scroll Through
One really neat trick Google has built into plus is the ability to scroll through all of a user's uploaded profile picture directly from the profile or posts page.

You can do this by clicking on the person avatar image at the top left of the screen. If they have added more that one picture, plus will flip through the album there and then.

While on one hand this is a handy way to see profile pictures at a glance, some plussers have gotten creative with the new concept. Designer Phouthong Luoung has two profile pictures you can scroll through. They are the same except for the fact the second cartoon avatar winks.

4.Disable Sharing on Posts
One of our favorite things about Google plus is limited, rather than public, sharing. You can share a post with one person or to all the people.

However, there is nothing to say that one person won't click "share" to expose your previously private posts to all the people.

Thankfully, Google+ offers the ability to disable sharing posts. If you have posted something you do like to stay private, click on the drop down menu arrow at the top right of the post and select "disable reshare".

For obvious reasons this also disables "+mentions" in the comments of the post, even if you want to mention someone who has commented previously.

Do be aware this doesn't mean people can't screen grab your post etc. But it will at least communicate that you do like the post to stay private.

5.How to find posts permalinks
If you want to find a post permalink it is very simple to find out. If the post was shared publicly, you can hit the drop down menu arrow at the top right and select "link to this post" this will open the post in a separate tab, allowing you to copy and past its URL.

If the post has limited sharing options, this setting won't appear in the drop down menu. Instead, click on the time or date stamp toward the top of the post. This will also open the post in a new window and reveal the URL, although not everyone will be able to view it.

6.Drag And Drop Contect To Share
If you expand the "share" box, you can drag and drop content into it. This works for videos, photos, links, and even other google+ users profile.

7.Change The Visibility Of your Circles
Google+ displays all people in your circle at random on your profile, However , you can change the default options to show only certain people in your cerciles and hide others.

In google own words, this is so you can "hide that weird aunt you are embarrassed about, and show off the coolest people you know"

To change your circle settings, click "Edit profile" and then hit the circle boxes on the left of your screen. You can now choose which circles you want the people to see, and even decide whether to display people who have added you to circle.

8.Notify People About Posts
Rather then risk burying an important post in the stream, Google+ offers a way to notify people in a cricle about the post, without having to add their Google+ username.

To set it up (and please use wisely because we have all got overflowing inboxes these days), click on the circle you have sharing with (as per the grab above) and check the "notify about this post" box.

Spammers beware, it only lets you activate this option for groups of up to 100.

9.Add Special Photo Effects In Google+

Did you know Google+ offers some cool, picnic-style, built in photo effects ? there is even an "I am feeling lucky" option.

Click on one of your photos and bring up the dark background view, then hit the "Actions" menu at the bottom right. In addition to useful options such as "auto Contrast" and "Auto Color" you can also cross process ortonize, or turn your image black and white.

As far as we can tell, the "I am feeling lucky" option will randomly apply an effect.

10. Did you know can find Google+ at various URLs?

Here are the url of google plus:

in addition if you type in it will take you right at your own profile isn't that great.

So if you have any other google+ tips to share please feel free to share them in comments.If you like this post share with your friends via our share buttons in Facebook twitter and others. Don't forget to subscribe via email.

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