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Facebook has added a new function called ticker. ticket will be in the right side just below the account below of your Facebook. Using the ticket you will see all your friends activity in real-time. When you hover over an item inside the ticket , you will able too see the full story and join the conversation as it happens. Ticket will automatically update it self as new activities by friends. This ticket function gives you more complete picture of what your friends are doing right now.

In the ticker you will see different types of stories by your friends such as status updates , friends added by your friend, photos , videos , links , likes and comments. You can simply say it the old news feed of Facebook. Ticket will auto update everything every single time your friends update something.

You are not allowed to close the ticket right now , but you will able to make it smaller or larger by moving the horizontal bar between ticket . You can also slide the bar up to hide ticket.You can also pull the bar down so you will able to see more updates in the ticket.If you click any of the updates inside the ticker it will bring a large view of the story.

Yes you are allowed to hide any story in the ticket. So you can actually select what you want to view. to do so simple follow :
1. click a story you see in the ticket. the arrow menu in the top right.
3.choose Hide story.

You have already hide or unsubscribe to anything from your news feeds then the ticket will not slow any of the updates. You can also choose to see the important Only or most updates from someone in your news feeds but you do not like to unsubscribe to from them, in that case , ticket will show more from them then your news feeds.

When you are inside any app in Facebook , tickets will focus on stories associated with the games you are playing or played. When you are not playing any game or using any app, ticket will show all types of updates , not just game and app stories. A simple view is that if you are in any app ticket will show app updates.

I guess the new Facebook updates have lot more features and the function are really great and nice to use. If you have any question regarding to the ticket feel free to ask via comments.

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  1. how can i get the tick on my facebook, i still dont have it