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What is Facebook subscribe button ? What is the use of Facebook new subscribe button ?  Facebook the most popular social network in the world has launched a new Subscription button so that you can follow public updates of the other people in Facebook as you can say your facebook friends.

The new subcribe option is given away from facebook so that user will have more control over their facebook accounts and their news feeds.Facebook always trying to make things better and give more control to its valuable users. As facebook product manager Naomi Gleit said "Facebook has always been working on giving users more control".

The new subscribe button has started from Wednesday, users of Facebook will able to see the new subscription button along side the "message" and "Poke" button of their Facebook profile. Even if you are not a friend of someone this new subscription button give you a way so that you can follow the content of their facebook public updates without becoming friends. As you can say it is just like following similar to Twitter.

This new button works kind of differently based on whether you are looking at a friends profile. If you click on subscribe to someone else profile who is not even your friend his public updates will be shown in your news feeds. You can fine tune what type of updates you see. If you want a example simple go to my facebook page and click subscribe and you will see options and from their choose my status updates and ignore my game and photo updates. Now you will able to see all my public shared status updates in your news feeds.

Now if you subscribe with any of your friend, subscribing gives you ability to granularly control what updates or content that you want to stream.If you like to see every post your significant other is posting to Facebook, So just select "All Updates" in the subscribe button in your news feed.If you want to ignore some updates which are not important then simply select "only important" option under the subscribe button.

This option is not compulsory or you can say it is not necessary to use it is just optional. You can either choose to subscribe someone or even can choose not to subscribe to anybody.You can also turn off the subscribe button in your profile so that people will not able to subscribe to your updates.

You can say it is similar to Twitter if you have used twitter before that it is just like the the twitter following and followers.The number of people subscribing your public updates and the people you are subscribed to appear on your profile. This number does not include pending friend requests. Existing friend request will not turn into subscribers automatically, but Gleit says that going forward anybody who sends you a friend request will automatically be subscribed to your public updates and all your public updates will be shown in the news feeds of that person.( If you did not turn off the subscribe button off)

Why the new subscribe button given away from facebook ? what is it useful ? as we can see Facebook means socializing or you can say sharing with friends and others. The new facebook subscription button is more likely sharing and make Facebook posts more useful, especially if you start gaining an audience. This is very good for news reporter , writter , actors and others so that people subscribe to them and all their updates will be automatically posted to people's news feeds.However it provides yet another layer of complexity on top of an already complex product. It could more public sharing like Twitter, or it could raise more privacy concerns for a social network that has had its share of privacy controversies. As facebook privacy is very strong lets see what this new button make effect on Facebook.

So what do you think about the new subscribe button ? feel free to comment.
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