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Facebook the largest social network in the world with more then 800 million active users.More then 50% of the facebook users login to their account daily.More then 700000 new users join facebook daily. In average users has 180 friends.There are more then 900 million pages, groups, apps, games in facebook.

In average each users are connected to 80 community pages.Now facebook is used by 1 of every 13 people on earth. Each and every day more then 2 billion likes are given by users. Each and every single day more then 250 million of photos are uploaded by users. Users are able to use 70 different languages. More then 75% users are outside of USA.300,000 users helps to translate the site.More then 20 Million apps are installed everyday.

 Every month more then 500 million people use the apps.More then 700 million websites are connected with facebook apps.350 million active mobile users are connected to facebook regularly. 475 mobile operators working to deploy and promote facebook mobile products.25% of people check facebook using their mobile phone before going to bed everyday.40% of people 24 to 34 years old check their facebook right when they wake up from bed.71.2% of US internet users are using facebook.

Woman have 55% shares on facebook where man have only 45%. 31% of the users relationship status is single. 43% of users of facebook relationship status is married. shares. So , it becomes world's number 1 social network for it activities. Facebook is becoming popular day by day. Now the world.

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  1. Thanks for these very interesting statistics!

  2. You are most welcome! we will soon update more websites statistics keep visitng.