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Facebook has recently upgraded a new mobile app for mobile users. May be you face lot of problems while you are trying to chat with your friends and send them message nad review message from them. So, Facebook has added the new app which is a rapid fire app. This app is entirely separate mobile app, dedicated completely to their messaging platform.

See the below screenshot of the app:

So now you might be thinking about how does it works right ? from now when you will try to contact with your facebook friends, instead of sending them a standard text message, you can simply turn on your "Messenger" app and send them a Facebook message. These messages will be delivered though notifications and texts as well, which means they will recieve your message either in computer or even their mobile phone too. This new app is just a new extension of the Facebook Messages so your entire messaging history including your texts, chats, emails, private messages will be available from the moment that you install the app on your smartphone.

A very new interesting feature to this app is group texting - Even you phone can not handle the group texting but this app will prove to be a great time saver for you and easily sending message to your friends. The messenger app makes texting, small groups extremly easy, you can just quickly set up a group conversation, include your location and upload images using Messenger as well.

So, the benifits of using this new mobile app in your smartphone:
1.Easy way texting to friends.
2.two in one Mobile SMS + facebook notification.
3.Group texting.
4.Upload photos.
5.Sending photos to your friends.
and more

You can use this app using your iPhone and Android

Download the messenger:
Click Here

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