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Facebook has changed a lot. Now facebook is providing more features and a new look to facebook users.There has been so many changes, in fact it will be hard to keep track. So lets check what is new in facebook change.

1. The new ticker
The new ticket is just like the old facebook news feeds. Status updates, photos , relationship status, apps updates, friends like and comments. Even the games that your friends are playing who have killed whom in Mafia wars ? who planted what in FarmVille ? all the information will be in your ticket tab.Ticket tab is a real-time list of things your friends are posting now that scrolls down the side of your right screen.

2. Now you can watch TV and Movies , Listen to Music , and read news from your friends
As facebook is partner with lot of companies now facbook is providing TV, Movies, Games and more. Now you can do a lot of things without even leaving from Facebook. You can watch a show on Hulu, listen to a song from Spotify, also you can check news or story from Yahoo News from your Facebook. Ticket tab will show you what your friends are watching, listening or even reading, allowing you to share the experience with them by clicking on a link.

3.Facebook has more users then ever
We have two interesting nuggets from information out of Zuckergberg. Facebook has hit 800 Million users, and the most important part is that most of them are active user in facebook. The social network has just got a new record from most users login to facebook ever that was about 500 million.

4. Facebook apps now only need ask permission once to share stories
It is not so big as timeline, this tweak may be one of the more controversial. In the past apps have to asked for permission every time they shared information about you in your profile, Now, the first time you are authorize with an app, it will tell you what is going to share about you, if you are ok with it, then the app will never have to ask you again for permission. Thats a very interesting part.

5. Now not only like more verb any noun it can be
As the new information comes that, before you only can use the like button for any video , photos, comments , products, person but very soon that's going to seem laughably antiquated. The social network has launched Facebook Gestures, that means now Facebook partners and developers can turn any word into a button. For example: like button to love.

So you will start seeing the option to tell the world that you are reading a book, for example , or watching a given movie or listening to a song. More information and updates will be showing up in your news feeds now.

6.TimeLine - a scrapbook of your life
Facebook is introducing Timeline. This is actually a stream of information about you, the photos you have posted, the status you have updated , the apps you have used, even the places you have visited on a world map, that scrolls all the way back to your birth. It encourages you to post more stuffs about your past , such as baby pictures, using facebook as a scrapbook or you can even call it your pastbook.

The further back in timeline you go, the more facebook will compress the information so that you are only seeing the most interesting parts of your life history. You can also customize it by clicking on a start next to a status, say or enlarging a picture. The timeline options is in beta launch.

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