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Telling my dad that i am gay live video on youtube according DADT :

According the official end of Dont Ask Dont Tell, One soldier from US army was anonymously uploading videos on his channel about the topic of DADT - gay in the military, has shown his face in the youtube video. The soldier was 21 years old and an Air Force serviceman. He has filmed a heartfelt call from Germany coming out to his father, who assured his son" I still love you, it doesn't change our relationship".

Since the month of April, the US soldier has gained almost 10,000 subscribers and describes himself via his Twitter account as a "Military member in the closet, using social media to build up the courage to come out to family, girlfriend, friends, and coworkers". he has done a lot and more. His video was uploaded only 48 hours ago, has almost got 2,000,000 views and 22,000 likes.

You can check the video below :

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