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Mac Finder, unlike Windows Explorer, doesn’t offer address bar and file management buttons in toolbar, such as, copy, paste, move, move to Trash (delete), with other important options which would’ve made using Finder and sifting through open windows a lot easier. Advance search option is another reason why so many proficient Mac users rely more on system search utilities instead of Finder native search option. If you’re using multiple utilities to enhance these core features of Finder, have a look at standalone application for Mac called Magician File.
The application is a file manager with an integrated advanced search which supports a host of filters and conditions to perform thorough yet quick file search. The File Manager emulates the UI design of Windows 7 File Explorer, providing address bar at the top with convenient link-click buttons to move back to previously opened folders, back and forward navigation buttons, and highly customizable navigation bar in left side of the interface.
After launching the application, it’s recommended to keep it in dock to quickly access your files later. On the toolbar, it allows you to copy, delete, and move selected files, open Mac Terminal window, launch Get Info dialog box for selected file/folder, and perform advanced search.

The address link button makes it easier to navigate between visited locations. Just like Windows 7 File Explorer, it bifurcates folder location into clickable paths which when clicked open the respective location.

Magician File’s Search features comes with two options – Quick and Full. You can enable Quick search option to instantly find files from the current location but keep in mind that it doesn’t dig deep into folder hierarchies to look for matching file and folder titles. However, you can switch to Full mode whenever deep search is required.

Despite having all other basic file search options, it allows you to add multiple layers of conditions and filters to narrow down the search results and to find items with more precision. You can add filters like, file name, size, and date modified, date created, content, kind and so on. You can manipulate filtering the items in two ways; check all specified conditions to be true for producing results or show results even only one condition is met.

From Magician File Preferences, you can change default location and color scheme. You can also shorten the sidebar list from Sidebar option. Aside from some interface related bugs, it runs without any problems. It works on Mac 10.6 or later.
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