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Touch screens and Chrome have little to do with fruit but names being what they are, Wet Banana is a Chrome extension that lets you pan web pages instead of scrolling them much like you would do on a touch screen device like the iPad or iPhone or iSandwich wrap. The extension lets you do a way with the whole scrolling bit so if your laptop’s touchpad doesn’t support scrolling, you can pan a web page by holding down either the right or left click button.

The extension adds a somewhat small functionality to the browser but it provides several customization options. You can choose either to hold down the right, left or middle and pan a web page or you can choose to hold down either the Alt, Shift or Ctrl key and pan a page. You can also control how much a page is panned, panning is scaled by one mouse scroll and can either be increased or decreased. Interestingly, you can also control the amount of ‘Friction’ of the page pan i.e. how soon will the page stops ‘Gliding’ when you pan either up or down. What any of this has to do with drenched fruit is hard to say nor is it entirely clear who the old man in the extension icon is but the extension itself is fairly good.
Install Wet Banana Extension For Chrome Now

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