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Do you have a Android Or Iphone Or iPad and you want to have voice chat a popular cross-platform voice chat client – has been catering voice chat, group chat and online file sharing needs of gamers, individuals and professional users for quite some time. Recently, TeamSpeak has released its Android (in beta) and iOS client to capture the audience of two of the leading smartphone operating systems. TeamSpeak for Android and iOS lets you connect to your family, colleagues, community or clan over multiple chat servers (including TeamSpeak’s own server) and voice chat with them (Push-To-Talk) in real-time on your device with crystal clear sound quality. More after the break.

Whether you like discussing family plans in private chat sessions or share gaming strategies with a horde of avid online gamers, TeamSpeak provides the ideal voice platform for you. With TeamSpeak client, users can easily connect to their preferred server, add/edit personalized bookmarks (servers) and define/manage new identities. Once connected to a particular server, users can view and connect to all the available channels provided they have the security key or the channel is open. Real-time user status notifications can be seen on channel list. Also, the app can be configured to auto-subscribe to all channels and auto-record conversations upon connection. Voice chat is done through the Push-To-Talk button that appears at the bottom of the screen while connected to a server.

Also, the app allows you to view detailed information about a specific client/server, mute app or a specific client, join a particular channel, set your availability status and create custom channels. To create your own channel on TeamSpeak, proceed as follow:
  • Tap Menu > New Channel
  • Feed in the Channel Name, Channel Password (optional), Channel Topic and tap Create
If you opt to password-protect your channel, other users would be able to join your channel by feeding in the correct password. This allows for a secure and private conversation between selected users only. Also, you can disconnect all servers with just a simple tap on the relevant button on app’s home screen.

TeamSpeak is available in the Android Market free of cost (only while it is in beta) and requires Android OS 2.2 or higher to run. You can download TeamSpeak Beta from the Market link or QR code provided below. iOS users will have to purchase the app for $4.99 from the iTunes App Store. iTunes App Store link for TeamSpeak is also provided below.

Note: The app is only compatible with TeamSpeak 3 and not with TeamSpeak 2.
Download TeamSpeak (For Android)
Download TeamSpeak (For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad)

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