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Have you wonder that you can post your status in facebook and twitter at a time. There is a application from which you will able to post your status in facebook and twitter at the same time. 
If you have already done this, you might have saved your time to post  status updates to both Facebook and twitter. To those who are not aware of it: Yes, there is a simple way to update your status message once and it will be published to both Twitter as well as Facebook. The friends in Facebook will receive the updates on your Facebook wall as soon as you publish the message in Twitter. So there is a Facebook application for twitter to do all the things. 

How to Auto Publish Status Updates to Facebook as well as Twitter ?

  • You need to allow the Facebook app for twitter.
  • Login to Facebook and browse ” “. This will re-direct you to the “request permission” page.
  • Click on ” Allow ” button. (If you are not logged in to twitter, you need to login before doing this)
  • You will be redirected to the twitter authorization page and click ” Allow “ button there. Again you will be redirected to Twitter application page at Facebook.
  • If you wish your tweets to be posted to your Facebook profile, Click the Check Box “Facebook Profile” and it will need your permission to post to your wall. You need to click the ” Allow ” button.
  • Also if you wish the twitter status updates to be posted to any of your Facebook Pages (you admin), then Click on the second check box that says ” Facebook Page ” and select the page from the drop down list. Allow it. And it will publish your tweets to the wall of that particular page too.

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