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There are apps for almost everything, now here is an app which will help you decide. But how ? When you are in a confusion what you will do ? You’ll ask your friends for their opinion and decide from that. This app makes that simple.

The Cloudy App for iPhone, lets you ask questions to your friends and hear their opinions and decide from it. This app is currently available only for the iPhone. Ask your friends a multiple choice or Yes/No question. They’ll reply you through the app or through a text message. Decide from it and let them know your decision. This is what this app does.
Now from choosing the best gadget for you to choosing the place to spend your summers, your friends will help you. No matter wherever they are.
So simple, yet so useful. Would be of great help to those who are away from friends and desperately want to know their opinions.

Check the official site for cloudy  here or download it from the app store here. Try the app and share your views with us .
Do you know a similar app ? Let us know and we will let the rest of the world know ! ;-)

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