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Moxie Marlinspike has generated a reputation as privacy and anonymity advocate who goes beyond mere talk. He has many free tools and utilities for both the Web and mobile systems and spends his time warning anyone who would listen about the dangers of web tracking software.

Widely considered a security research expert on protocols, cryptography, privacy, and anonymity, Marlinspike will focus on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption at this year’s Black Hat conference.

He is promising to provide an in-depth examination of the current problems with authenticity in SSL, discuss some of the recent high-profile SSL infrastructure attacks in detail, and cover some potential strategies for the future. Marlinspike’s talk conclude with a software release that aims to definitively fix the disintegrating trust relationships at the core of this fundamental protocol.

As a side note, Marlinspike will be speaking at BSidesLV, providing “thoughts on LulzSec through the historical lens of Russian Nihilism and Motiveless Terrorism.” That’s another good one to put on the schedule. The BSidesLV talk has since been withdrawn. Bummer.

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