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The new Skype 2.1 for Android has been released. The new features are very useful to android users.

Key updates from this release (

  • New devices added to the list of devices officially supporting Skype Video calls
  • Ability to Enable/Disable Video calling feature for most devices that are not listed in the list of devices supporting Video calling with this application
  • Minor improvements
Please upgrade via Android Market or using your Android phone's browser. And let us know your feedback by visiting our Skype Support Network.

Newly added devices:

  • Acer A5
  • HTC Desire (2.2)
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Evo 3D
  • HTC Evo 4G
  • HTC Flyer
  • HTC Incredible S
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Thunderbolt - Verizon (2.2) (US only)
  • LG Revolution - Verizon (2.2) (US only)
  • Samsung Droid Charge - Verizon (2.2) (US only)
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia ray
*Handsets with Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) only the back camera of the device will work for video calling, even if the device has a front facing camera.

Enable/Disable Video calling option

The user can enable/disable video calling within Skype settings, If the device is compatible (Android OS 2.2 or greater, supports Neon instruction set, has at least one camera that must be able to do 2-way) the option won´t be preselected, if the device is certified /whitelisted ( Android OS 2.3 or greater, supports Neon instruction set, has at least one camera that must be able to do 2-way), there will be no enable video setting as video calling will be on by default.

- Video on the Galaxy Tab from Verizon is disabled by default.
- User cannot initiate group video call.
- User can participate in incoming group video call, but with audio only.

Fixed issues

Category Description
Calling Microphone does not work on the Sony Ericsson Xperia mini

Known issues

Devices affected Description Current solution
All User cannot leave voicemail - although calls get directed to voicemail and user hears voicemail greeting, voicemails are not saved and sent to remote party None available
All On some occasions the chat messages may appear in wrong order None available
All Skype is auto-starting after sign-out / force close Expected Behavior. If user has actively logged out, Skype will not auto-start.
All On very rare occasions upgrading to a new version of Skype for Android fails and the user is no longer able to upgrade/re-install Skype for Android. We display a message that redirects the user to re install the app.
Samsung Galaxy S, Transform & Intercept product family 2.1 Skype 2.1 for Android is not able to login on the following devices with Android 2.1 and below. (Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000; Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize; Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G; Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant; Samsung Galaxy S Captivate; Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate; Samsung Transform; Samsung Intercept) Upgrade to Android OS version 2.2
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 2.1; HTC Legend 2.1 Connection is not seamless for these devices. When user has enabled both WiFi and 2G/3G connection, after a while, device switches to 2G/3G, but for other contacts, user appears to be offline as there really isn't no connection in the device. None available
Motorola Milestone 2.0; Motorola Milestone 2.1; Motorola Milestone XT720 2.1 In case user receives incoming GSM call during Skype call, it may happen that audio is not sent/received during GSM call. None available
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 2.1; LG Aloha 2.1; HTC Wildfire; HTC Legend These phone models fulfill the criteria's to be compatible with Skype 2.0. for Android. The application performance may not be optimal. None available
All Call drops when 2G/3G changes back to wifi: In case user has enabled Wi-Fi and 2G/3G connection and receives Skype call while on 2G/3G connection, call drops if device changes connection back to Wi-Fi None available
All Call quality depends on the signal strength of Wi-Fi connection and the bandwidth of 3G connection In case call quality is not optimal, make sure you have good network connection
All Birthday notification is shown after user logs in User has to log out and in again to receive birthday notifications
All Sometimes US numbers are not recognized and therefore flag is not displayed in Dial Pad view. In addition to this, Dialer does not store outgoing calls to USA and Canada correctly in the "Recent destinations" in Dial Pad view None available. User can still make calls
All For some devices (which have FM radio support), radio music is stopped automatically when Skype call comes in (Call audio can be sent/received) - e.g HTC Legend 2.1. For some devices, radio music is not stopped automatically. Call can be received, but when answering the call, radio music is still played. (However call audio can be send/received also) User has to stop radio manually
All If Skype is not running and the user initiates a call from native address book even though there is no available data connection. The application falsely thinks it's gone online. None available
All Video calling to the iPad 1 that is using the Skype for iPhone app is currently not working; the call automatically gets downgraded to an audio call. Use the Skype for iPad version application
All When used with large accounts and Wi-Fi goes into hibernation mode. The application can sometimes get into a state where it is not able to go back online. Go to app manager and kill client, restart the client
All During an ongoing call, it is not possible to change in call volume while proximity sensor is activated. Move phone away from head to deactivate proximity sensor, then change the call volume.
All With very large accounts (600+ contacts) the performance of the application will not be optimal. None available
All If the device has O.S 2.2 (Froyo) it can only send video from the back camera. None available
Galaxy Tab (Verizon) No video on the Verizon Galaxy Tab by default, (Since the back camera doesn't work) The user can enable the video in Settings.
HTC Desire 2.2 Heavy audio quality degradations. None available
All Privacy settings not synced from cloud. Being signed only into one device at a time will avoid the problem, but no solution available at the moment for this issue.
Sony Ericsson Xperia mini Skype dies on first run. None available
Samsung Galaxy S 2.2 Volume set at maximum during call. Upgrade to 2.3
Desire HD 2.2 Video stream shows noise after a min of streaming. Upgrade to 2.3
HTC Flyer Device doesn't have a "phone" speaker that you hold to your ear. Default audio is headset/earpiece, can turn on speakerphone. None available
All Unable to get call UI after call have been sent to voicemail (first time only). None available
Galaxy S 2.3 Null pointer exception in VoicePlayback. None available
All Emergency call handling not available when offline/airplane mode/no data connections. None available

The release build number for this release is, if you download it from Android Market, in case downloaded from Getjar.

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