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Do you love to hear music and listen to music regularly over internet. So do you know that ?
Just about every music streaming site lets you share videos or tracks on Facebook, but how many let you search and share music from inside the Facebook interface? None. +Music is a Chrome extension that lets you search videos on YouTube and Rdio or MP3s from different online sources. You can search and play songs in a pop-up in your browser. The extension adds a small media player next to the search bar in Facebook that allows you to control the song playing in the browser.

The extension adds a music note icon next to the Question link. To search and share music on your Facebook wall, click the icon and type in am artist, song or album and click search. The extension searches YouTube by default, however, you can search on Rdio by clicking the button or you can look for MP3s by clicking the MP3 button. The extension uses the MP3 search engine to find MP3 songs. You can play the song and share it by clicking the Add button. In order to use the extension on Facebook, you will have to disable secure browsing (https) or the options will not integrate.

If you aren’t up to disabling secure browsing on Facebook, you can always use the extension from your browser. Click the extension’s icon, type in an artist name and search for MP3s or songs by artists on Rdio. The browser pop-up only lets you search by artist name and not on YouTube. It also finds and opens an artist’s biography or fan page on sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, MySpace etc when you click on the icon in the pop-up.

Install +Music Extension For Music Google Chrome

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