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Samsung has unveiled an extra-ordinary 3D television, under the name Samsung Smart TV. Its countless features can make you completely speechless. I would even say that, this technology ‘ll take us to a new AGE. It is interfaced with Android OS and its application interface is called as Smart Hub.
Samsung Smart TV has internet connectivity feature, which allows you to surf, watch video, play games, listen to music etc… It also provides Wireless network feature. You can  watch TV channels and simultaneously you can surf the net too.
Smart TV has got hundreds and hundreds of apps in it, such as Games, videos, info, education, jokes etc. You can also download many apps from the Samsung App centre. Thus, the Smart TV can easily arrest its users with all these stuffs.


Search All:
Just by pressing few buttons in your  QWERTY remote, you can easily make any kind of searches regarding the program you are watching or any other stuff.
Your Video:
This shows a list of videos, you have recently viewed and recommended videos too. You can also preview TV programs and movie clip in the Smart Hub.
Web Browser:
You may sometimes feel lazy to get up from your place and switch on your PC for surfing. So, Samsung has included the Web browser Facility in the Smart TV, which allows you to surf the net from where you are seated.

Social TV:
You can easily connect with your friends, through Facebook, Google Buzz, Twitter and share your experiences about the videos you are watching instantly. You ‘ll no more have any feeling of solitude now.
All Share:
This features allows you to make a wireless connection with your mobile, cam and similar devices and transfer their contents to your Smart TV. One of the amazing feature of Smart TV is that you can send and receive messages and know who is calling you, when your mobile is connected to Smart TV.
This Smart TV facility ‘ll be available in all Future Samsung LED and Plasma TVs.
And one more interesting feature of Smart TV is you can convert all 2D pictures and movies into 3D using its 3D converter.

Samsung Smart TV Price in India:

5 Series Smart TV  Samsung Smart TV:
Rs. 68900 - Rs. 93900
6 Series Smart TV Samsung Smart TV
Rs. 55,000 – Rs. 200,000
7 Series  Samsung Smart TV
8 Series Samsung Smart TV
Rs. 2,50,000 Rs.4,00,000
Plasma TV:
Rs. 2,30,000

Next Generation of TV – Samsung Smart TV:

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