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Do you use mediafire to download files. Some times you get a message while trying to resume your downloading files Cannot resume downloading the file. It might because you stopped the downloading file in the past time for some reasons and now when you try again to resume the downloading file from your IDM (internet download manager) it is showing you error like above picture :

Cannot resume downloadin the file:
File Name
It's possible that the address of the file is not valid anymore or your session has expired.

IDM will open a web page in your browser where it captured tthis download. Please start the download of the same file from your browser again, and idm will try to capture a new address or new session to resume this download.

Now here goes the solution :
I will not make it long article so that you have to read a long i will explain shortly and fast to make you understand it easy.

go to your IDM and select the file that is broken by mediafire or any other file server. second click on the file name and go to > properties the file. When you will click on properties of the file a new window will open like above :

In the new window you will select all (Ctr+A) from the address box. Now you have selected the mediafire file download link from the address bar.Copy the address and  now go to your browser ex : google chrome , mozilla firefox , opera and paste in the url box or just visit the address of the mediafire link.After mediafire site load it will be like above :
Click On the pictures to view large :

After mediafire site load is complete you will able to see click here to start download from mediafire inside a box. Just go there and second click > copy link location.Now you have a new url copied from mediafire. Please follow the picture so that you can understand it fast.

Now as i have explained before do the same go to your IDM click on the file and go to properties. Now in the same address bar select all (Ctrl+A) and click your mouse second button and paste. So now you have paste the link you have copied from the mediafire site.
Example links:
Link before in the address bar :

Link after you paste in the address bar and referer bar :

See the above picture :

Now you see the link will bigger then before right. In the address bar. Just do the same in the referer box as i have shown above paste the same link in the referer box. Now press OK.


Go to the file again in the IDM and second click and now press RESUME DOWNLOAD and you are done your download will continue with the the past download parts.

Now you are done with downloading the file with the parts you have downloaded before so you didn't lost any data that you have downloaded before.

This trick will only work with all resume supported links if the server do not support resume links then it might not work for example rapidshare , hotfile etc.

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