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Facebook is lthe largest social networking site in the world. Most of us spent hours of our time in Facebook with our friends. The advantage of Facebook is it simplicity and easy to use interface yet it is packed with many features too.
When we keep working on a same software for a long time, we will be learning the keyboard  shortcuts for that software and we will increase our speed with which we work with the application. The same logic goes here, Facebook too has keyboard shortcuts with which you can use its interface with ease.
I have listed the Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys with which you can access the different pages in Facebook faster which in turn increases your browsing experience.
Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts
Alt + 1 Return to Facebook Homepage
Alt + 2 To goto Wall tab of your profile page
Alt + 3 To view Friends Requests list drop down list
Alt + 4 To view latest Messages list in drop down list
Alt + 5 To view Notification list drop down list
Alt + 6 To goto Account setting webpage
Alt + 7 To goto Account privacy configuration webpage
Alt + 8 To open Facebook fan page at
Alt + 9 To open Facebook’s Statement of Rights & Responsibilities
Alt + 0 To open Facebook Help Center
Alt + m To create new message
Alt + ? For cursor control in the Search Box

Firefox users should use Shift + Alt Key instead of the Alt key for this shortcuts to work. Hope this would have helped you. If you know any other shortcuts other than these, share it with us through the comments and I will add them to this list. You are welcomed to share this list with your friends, but do refer them to our site ;)

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