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Google + even in its invite only state, is creating all the fuzz. Google + is surely a great product from Google, though the concept is the same, the interface is new. But it is not totally enough to compel people to shift to Google +. Google should add many interesting new features, to make this new toy a successful one.Till that, for those who have shifted to Google + and missing your Facebook feeds, this plugin would help you. Google+Facebook is a browser plugin that allows you to see your Facebook stream inside Google+. it also lets you post status updates(text only) to your Facebook profile directly from Google Plus.
This plugin adds a new tab to the Google + interface (see screenshot) and displays your FB stream in it. One limitation is that status likes and post comments are not reflected when viewing the Facebook feed from within the Google+ interface. Yet another limitation is, you can post only text updates to FB from Google+, no links/pics/videos as of now.

They would add this in the future. We’ll hold back till then. This plugin is available for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This plugin is not a Google product, it is third party and Facebook might do something to take them down any time, since it is against Facebook’s policies. Till then, we’ll enjoy the plus advantage !
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Google+Facebook Plugin Now

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