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Apple has revealed the pricing for its upcoming iCloud service.

iCloud comes with 5GB of storage as part of the free package. 5GB might not sound like a lot, but remember that this doesn’t include your music or photos in your photo stream (which only stay active for 30 days).

Want more storage? No problem! Here are the US costs for the upgrades:

  • 10GB (15GB total) - $20/year
  • 20GB (25GB total) - $40/year
  • 50GB (55GB total) - $100/year
Here are the UK prices:

  • 10GB (15GB total) - £14/year
  • 20GB (25GB total) - £28/year
  • 50GB (55GB total) - £70/year
And here are the European prices:

  • 10GB (15GB total) - 16€/year
  • 20GB (25GB total) - 32€/year
  • 50GB (55GB total) - 80€/year
So, what do you think? Will you be happy with the free storage or will you need to pay for an upgrade?

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