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Do you ever got a notification that your friend mention or tagged you in a comment or wall post or even in facebook status.This was quite a big deal when it was announced this past september 2010, but from the amount of searches on the topic "How can i amke someone name go blue in facebook status?" it seems its not universally known.

To mention someone in a status update just type "@" (a la twitter) in the status bar and start typing their name as it appears on facebook. An auto-generated list will then come up with the name of the people in your social circle whose name starts with the letters you have typed after the sign "@". The feature also works with pages brands, events and companies.

Hit the name you want to mention, complete the update, click share and the name will become a hyberlink or blue color (You won't see the @ sign or symbol) and will appear in the blue text.
If you mention any of your friend then your friend will get a notification that you have mention him/her in the post.

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