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Facebook video chat is released and available for all Facebook users as of now. But there are a few initial steps you need to do before you start video-calling your friends. Facebook video chat is powered by skype and it requires you to install an additional software before you can start.
This step by step guide  will let you video chat with your friends in minutes. Setup Facebook Video Chat:
#1 Go to the Facebook Video calling page.
#2. Click on Get Started Button.
#3. You need to install an additional program. You’ll be prompted to do so, when you receive a call or when you click on the video chat icon in the upper right corner of your chat box. Facebook Video Call Plug-in is just 482 KB, when you run the setup, it downloads some additional files.

#4. As a standard Skype call, no video opens until the receiver picks up the call.
#5. When they do so, you’ll be able to chat with them. If they didn’t reply, you can leave a video message for them. You get a option to add videos in your private messages and video messages share the same inbox as the text messages.
#6. The Facebook video chat functions like a light version of Skype.

This video chat uses a good amount of CPU. So, if you are working on a slow system, there are chances for crashing. Hope this guide helped you to reach your friends. Enjoy Facebook Video Chatting !

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