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Comics are the obsession for most of us. Right from we started reading, or even before that, we fall in love with comics. But as we grow only a few still continue reading comics. If you think you are too old to read comics, you can very well create them. You’ll be never old to create comics.
Meme comics are popular around the web. A few of them strike a chord as soon as you see them, some of them are just random scribbling. But whatever it may be, Meme comics are fun to look at.
Meme comics with the oddly shaped heads and associated dialogue are popping up everywhere you look lately. So if you have been wanting to make a few of your own, then here is how to do it.

How To Create Meme Comics

1. Go to RageBuilder.
2. Start Making your comics.
It is as simple as that. Ragebuilder is a JavaScript based comic creator, It comes with a wide library of inbuilt characters. You can add speech bubbles and create your own story line or just grab a pencil and start creating your brand new character.

Create Funny Meme comics and share it with your friends. We are your friends too, drop links to your works in the comments. Start Comicking ! :D
RageBuilder Now

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