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Facebook is the most popular social networking site as of now and there are more than 750 million Facebook profiles. But it is again the most time sucking thing in the world too. People spend most of the time in Facebook that it affects their productivity, so in most of the places were a drop in productivity would mean something big, Facebook is blocked.
But if blocking Facebook would blow you up, then there are ways to bypass the block made by your institution. There are several ways to do that, and the easiest ones are working with a proxy.
You would be visiting a proxy site, you can access Facebook from there, and hence overcoming the block. But eventually, your IT manager would block the proxies too, so you should be switching Proxies often.
Here I have listed a few Proxy sites. These sites are all HTTPS sites. I haven’t listed the HTTP sites, since they are less secure. But if you insist, you can find them using Google.
Not all sites can open social networking sites like Facebook, Those listed below can do that job. Check them out
HTTPS Proxy Sites

Try them out. You can even access other blocked sites using this proxies. If you come across even more working proxies, do share with us. We’ll update the list as and when we find new ones.

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