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You are using Google at all in the last few weeks, whether it was for web searching or checking your email, you’ve probably noticed some changes in the new looks of google search or email or videos images news shopping etc
New The Black Bar
In conjunction with the release of Google+, the company’s new social network (Facebook competitor), they have added a black navigation bar to the top of all company-branded pages.If you are invited by google to join Google+ then you will see the second picture.

The company claims to have added to the bar to enhance focus and help users find what they are looking for more easily. They also made this change so that the Google experience is more uniform and consistent across multiple devices, whether it be your Android, tablet, or MacBook Pro.
If you have a custom Gmail homepage, you will still see the black bar.

Perhaps you noticed the red box with “1″ in the photo above. This is another reference to Google+, notifying me that someone has added me to their circle. The bar starts to make sense when you consider how it highlights Google’s services. Since that red “1″ is distracting, I will most likely click on it and end up on Google+.

The Malware Warning
In an effort to alert users that their computers may be infected by malware, the company created a new warning system that almost looks like a virus itself.

The recent problems discovered only seem to affect those running Windows, so Mac users are off the hook for now.
The main objective of these new notifications is to get users to update their security software and be aware that these types of issues are present.
We think they could have done a better job of designing something that doesn’t resemble malware, but we’re glad they’re doing something for now.

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