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The second generation Samsung Galaxy S, the S2 broke all sorts of records upon its release. This awesome smartphone came up with new technologies that created new boundaries for what is possible by Smartphones. This phone can be claimed to be the best iPhone alternative. It is one of the most powerful Android phones available out there.
So what are the reasons for its popularity and is it the best phone out there at the moment?
Super AMOLED Plus
It is not a secret that the S2′s screen is one of the best in the business. The device uses a Super AMOLED Plus display and it is clear that all those years making TVs have not been lost in the transition to the small screen for Samsung. The display is extremely bright and offers a great degree of clarity for browsing or watching footage; colour contrasts are excellent and blacks are very black and defined. It really is a great screen.
The Samsung is certainly one of the slickest phones about at the moment and has no problems with handling tasks or even 3D games. Games like N.O.V.A and Need for Speed roll on without issue on the screen and this is probably down to the 1.2GHz dual core chip. This speediness is without a doubt a crucial reason why it sold 3 million units in the first 55 days of release.
Android 2.3
The phone is also one of the first smart phones to come packaged with Android 2.3 from Google, allowing it a number of firsts on the market. The new OS is smooth and slick and combined with the TouchWiz that Samsung put on top of it, it is a really colourful and easy to use device.

The Galaxy S2 is a super slim phone and is one of the thinnest on offer at a mere 8.49mm. These wafer thin aesthetics are sure to see the device popular among those who care about what their device looks like. This size is let down slightly by the plastic chassis, which though it feels strong is also a little bit of a disappointment as the phone does not feel top of the range.
The overall experience
Being able to open up you Google Maps and find your place in a second is wonderful, as is the extreme multi tasking and gaming abilities of the device. It has a great camera too and a world of options and pre loaded applications that are well executed and don’t task the phone at all. This smooth and slick process is one that you can do nothing but love and makes the phone a pure winner.

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