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It needs no mention that once you pick up iPad 2; you would not want to put it down. That’s the entire idea behind the eye-catching design and the amazing features of Apple’s latest technology gadget. Believe it or not, it’s 33% thinner and 15% lighter and thus you’ll feel more comfortable when you place it in your hands. Surfing the web, checking your mailbox, watching movies and listening to songs were never much easier than it is on the new iPad 2. If you’re not much well-adapted to the latest iPad features, here’s help for you. Have a look at the little known features of iPad that can amaze you and provoke you to set your hands on it.
  • A built-in dictionary: How does it feel to walk with a dictionary in your hands and when it is so easy to carry? Yes, the iBooks application and the Pages word processor has an inbuilt dictionary that can be utilized for any kind of definitions. The iBooks application also has the capability of searching contents on the web with keywords just as you do in your PC.
  • Screen brightness that can be auto-adjusted: The iPad screen brightness can be easily changed in order to make it more visible during any environment. However, if you wish you can also let the device detect ambient light and control the brightness of the screen automatically to boost clear visibility
  • Browser dashboard: iPad has a Safari web browser that is capable of opening multiple pages within a fraction of a second. Instead of a tabbed browser, Safari can bring up a dashboard that shows the thumbnail images of all the websites that are opened in the particular browser. With a single tap, you can switch between them or close them.
  • Photo sorting: If you want to keep your pictures organized, the iPad can easily detect faces in the images and sort the pictures by their faces. Only when you tap each stack will you be able to bring up all the pictures with that person in it. The iPad can also sort out photos by the place and time at which they were taken and display the map or the location.
  • iTunes benefits: There are some recent iTunes features that are easily available in the iPad. The Genius function enables the user to instantly look for music that is similar to what you’re listening to. The “iTunes U” area of the store gives you enough information from various colleges and universities throughout the world.

Thus, if you’re considering getting an iPad, take into account the little-known features of iPad before buying it. Update yourself with the latest style and accessorize yourself with the latest version of iPad.

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