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Squadra is an open source and  portable application which acts as an overlying set-square on top of other applications for allowing you to easily draw perpendicular lines on any image editing program. Since it appears on top of any application, therefore, you can drag it over an image for creating lines and borders for an image. Although many image manipulation programs offer a large set of tools for drawing such lines, however, when editing or creating images, it can be sometimes difficult to obtain a precise direction for the drawn lines. Most image editors simple tilt and distort the drawn lines unless they meet a certain rotation criteria. Squadra enables you to position the set-square at any angle and size for manually drawing straight lines. Squadra is cross-platform and has versions available for both Windows and Linux.
Squadara can be automatically adjusted above any image editor. You can right click on the set-square to show the tool panel for changing it’s size and angle, as well as color (from Color option). The latter can be handy if your current image has a similar color to the default color of Squadra.

The Tools Panel can be used to precisely position the angle of the set-square by changing the rotation level. You can also reduce the transparency of the set-square from the slider, for better visibility of the underlying image. To lock the set-square in it’s current position, click on Block button.

When done, you can align the set square for using a pencil tool or the like for creating perpendicular lines.

Squadra works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux based operating systems like Debian and Ubuntu.

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