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Have you ever imagine that Facebbook pages creating via Photoshop Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to create a brand page for Facebook if Photoshop could be used? Now it can, thanks to German digital communications agency 247Grad.

The company, which boasts clients including Deutsche Telekom and Procter & Gamble, developed the Facebook Page GUI (graphical user interface), which allows its developers to create entire pages for clients, in single Photoshop files, and then export and upload them to the social network.
This tool also creates Facebook plug-ins for websites using Photoshop.
Here’s how 247Grad describes the Facebook Page GUI:
Up to now, designing a Facebook page turned out to be quite complicated. Every graphic had to be prepared individually, uploaded in Facebook, readjusted, and uploaded again. This was performed many and many times to achieve one reasonable result — a time-killing and expensive process. Therefore, 247Grad PLC’s team of designers was trying to find a more effective solution. Their result is the Facebook GUI PSD! Here every graphic of a Facebook page is partitioned into individual layers. Now it’s possible to design an entire Facebook page in a quick, simple, and completed way. Subsequently, you only need to export and upload your files once.
Readers: Did you think it was possible to create a Facebook page using only a single Photoshop document?

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