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Most of us use WordPress as your blogging platform, if you are going to self host your blog. WordPress is the most used independently hosted, blogging platform in the world. The abilities of WordPress are countless. It excels in various ways to call it the perfect script.
Themes are used in WordPress, which decides how your blog looks to your user, you might have searched for free downloads of WordPress themes a hundred times, but most of the good looking ones are premium. If you can’t afford much for a theme, then it is better to create one for yourself.
When you create a theme for yourself, you can get the look and feel that you are expecting, also you will be learning a lot about the structure of WordPress, which will be lot useful for you to turn WP to match your needs.
Displayed below is an infographic, that showcases the important terms and terminologies that you must know before getting into creating a WordPress theme. The infographic titles Anatomy of a WordPress theme, will walk you through the structure of an WordPress theme.

After you get an idea about how a WP theme look like, you can set out to create your own theme. First you need a framework for this purpose. Go to this page to see the list of theme frameworks available.
Theme Frameworks are basic themes on which you can build your own one. Choose the one that suits you and start creating your own theme.
This guide is only for expert users, since not much detailed tutorial was given on creating a theme. If you are a novice user and want to create your own WP theme, then stay tuned, A step by step Tutorial to create an WP theme is coming soon.
Till then, Just play with your Theme Framework. Hope this guide would have helped a few.

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