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CloudScan is a cloud based scanner sharing application which allows you to remotely scan documents and photos in PDF file. It can be particularly helpful for people who require working on numerous computers at home or office and wish to easily share their single scanner with other computers. It can also be handy when you might have problem sharing a scanner with different operating systems (e.g. separate computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems) due to driver incompatibility. You first have to download and install CloudScan on a PC and then run it directly from the developer’s website to initiate a remote scan. The scanned files can be saved in PDF or TIFF format and/or sent to your Google Docs account.
There are many usage cases with Cloudscan, one of the most important being able to access that outdated scanner (that we all have lying around somewhere) from Mac and Linux systems; just connect the scanner to the PC and install Cloudscan and use your browser from anywhere to scan documents and photos.
CloudScan works on your local or wireless network only. Once you run it from the developer’s website, it will automatically search your network for the PC where CloudScan is installed (the one where the Scanner is connected) and redirect you to the scanning page. Normally, the IP of the scanner on the network will be automatically detected, in case it is not identified, you can enter the IP Address of the PC manually after clicking on  Settings.

Once done, you can optionally change the scan resolution from Scan tab.

Click Scan to start the scanning process. This will scan the document present in the remote scanner and provide a completion prompt when the scan is completed.

The slider at the bottom of the interface can be used to zoom in or zoom out the scanned document. If you have multiple scanners connected to the PC, select the default scanner from the drop down box. You can save the scanned document in PDF or TIFF format or to Google Docs account from the Save button.

CloudScan can be used for scanning documents using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac.
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